TEVO Tarantula Heated Bed Support, upgrade Y carriage Plate
  • TEVO Tarantula Heated Bed Support, upgrade Y carriage Plate

TEVO Tarantula Heated Bed Support, upgrade Y carriage Plate

Used to upgrade 3d printer  TEVO Tarantula the method of replacing the original plate on the printers.

y carriage:
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TEVO Tarantula Aluminium composit, upgrade Y carriage Plate

Dear buyers. Before buying, check the dimensions shown in our drawings. With your actual sizes. 
The most important dimensions are marked in red.
We do not know all versions of the released
TEVO Tarantula printers. And what changes they will make at the moment.


wheel for v-slot linear

SCS8UU (holes 24mmx18mm)


 Картинки по запросу "mgh 12"

MGH12H 20x20mm


Included in the price:
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Type 1 : classical plus support MGN12H

Type 2 : classical plus support MGN12H, LM8UU, SCV10UU, SCS8UU

Type 3 : Double Y axis rails and MGN12H

Material: Strong and Light
Double Reinforced Alumine Composite Panel 6mm (not 100% aluminum) made by tehnologika
Heat bed support: 209mmx209mm

Bearings support: Original belt and plate support Tevo Tarantula (and clone), And MGN12H support (holes 20 x 20 mm), 
Advantages and disadvantages is not affected by humidity, easy to manual processing (can be drilled), It does not deform at the temperature of 90 degrees (the upper aluminum layer)
This manufacturing in CNC machine: No black burnt edges, no pungent smell, does not stink

We have developed a new product to your 3D printer housing.

We have received many requests from customers and make, a new upgrade table from an aluminum composite panel.

It is resistant to heat and deformation. Made of a composite material, composit aluminum panel, a thickness of 6 mm,

We reserve the right to make changes. Which do not degrade properties and the type of product, size and appearance.Worldwide delivery! paypal accepted. All our parcels with Track Number!