Smooth X-axis for Prusa i3 with Leadscrews printed parts

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Smooth X-axis for Prusa i3 with Leadscrews printed parts

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Smooth X-axis for Prusa i3 with Leadscrews - 1 pcs

Description from the site

NOTE: X-MOTOR.STL and X-IDLER.STL are made for 22mm spacing

UPDATE 15.5.2016

  • moved X-stepper mount point 5mm to left for 21mm version (X-MOTOR_21mm_WIDER.STL)

UPDATE 14.2.2016

  • made parts with 21mm spacing for Geeetech i3 pro c

UPDATE 29.12.2015

  • I had identified wrongly the idler bearings my printer came with. They're F693ZZ, not F623ZZ. With latter GT2 belt could not move freely. I have modified the clearance of the belt tensioners arm part so that both bearings should now work.
  • Updated belt tensioner arm part is added as own file for those that have printed the complete set before.

X-axis with fixed X-endstop and finger adjustable belt tensioner. Nothing new compared to already published (like ffleurey's thing:169636 and jkoljo's thing:372056). It's just this smooth looking design I like and wanted to share it.

Note that there's no spesific Z-endstop trigger point as I prefer inductive proximity switch (mounted with the extruder).

The distance between Z-axis's smooth rod and leadscrew is not same in all Prusa i3 versions. The kit I bought from is having 8mm acrylic frame and designed with 22mm distance but it seems that 17mm is more common. Also in Geeetech I3 X the distance is different, 27mm.

  • I have made necessary modifications and now there's X-motor and X-idler for 17mm, 21mm and 27mm distance too. Please inform me if the design has any faults.
  • stepper motor mounting point is moved 5mm to the left in X-MOTOR_27mm (Geeetech I3 X)

GT2 belt ends should stay in place without zip-ties. My printer is fixed in enclosed cabinet so belt removal is easier and doesn't require removal of X-carriage.

Required hardware
<code>2 x F623ZZ (3x10x4) or F693ZZ (3x8x4) flanged bearing (idler)
4 x M3 20mm recessed head screw (stepper + idler)
1 x M3 nyloc nut (idler)
6 x M3 12mm hex socket screw (leadscrew nuts)
2 x M3 10-16mm hex socket screw (tensioner)
2 x M3 nut (tensioner)
1 x M4 20-30mm hex screw (tensioner)
1 x M4 nut (tensioner)

Description from the site
Material: ABS + normalization
Bearings support: LM8UU x 1 pcs
license compliance
Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.
link to Licenses

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