How to choose 3D printer?

How to choose 3D printer?

Today 3D printer - a new technology. 3D printing technology becomes easier, more accessible and perfect every day. Today the cost of 3D printer is already relatively low, as a mid-range phone - from 500$, range of models is also large. Before buying you need to know what you will be create on it.

Pre-need to consider how often it will be used. If often it is necessary to look at the high printing speed printers, it can be left up to 150-200 mm/s. If you are not going to print a lot, you can choose the slower model, their cost is much lower.

Printing requires connection to electricity. It is worth paying attention to the outlet format. So as the three-phase (380 V) 3D-printers require a special connector. Power is also important. There is also a difference in printing technology.

Price for outdoor use models is much higher. They are used in industry, are installed in workshops. In some cases, it may be used at low temperatures. For most printers, the normal mode - 15-200C. The interface also affects usability. The best choice would be a device that works via USB.

The user should be aware of the peculiarities of operation. Some models require mechanical ventilation. It is necessary to make a choice based on this parameter. Printable area of a printer plays a decisive role. The optimum is 165 × 125 × 125 mm.

Features of the device.

Three-dimensional printers can work with different file formats. They are STL, GCODE, OBJ and others. When choosing you need to determine the most convenient. They all have their own characteristics. The accuracy depends on the print thickness. Minimum value - 10 microns.

So why for different productions are suitable only some models. Some printers are shipped unassembled. They are for learning of 3D-printing working. Such modifications are suitable for home use. Low-power they does not require special skills to use. Usually they support printing with PC to SD-card.

The quality of the material plays an important role. All printers are designed for a certain material. In the domestic models you can use PLA. Industry works with all possible: PLA, Nylon, ABS, PVA. It should be guided by the best available material.

Number of heads affect the printing speed. Home printers are usually equipped with one. Industrial - two or more printheads. This time it is important to take into consideration. For mass production it's suitable printer with three heads.

Some models require an upgrade of the printer. There are additional electronic modules that extend the functionality. Opportunity of improvement is useful everywhere: at home and at work. Cost 3D printer, especially for industrial, is large enough. So why you need a responsible approach to its choice.

Posted: July 6, 2016
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