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I found and worked out with this Ukrain company a Heated bed support for our M150 printer!
This is the standard bearing version, adjusted to our printer dimensions (unfortunatelly the Prusa I3 has diferend distances the Y axis and the bearings etc).
It will bring rigidity and easier levelling (and hopefully not changing during time the levelling).
We can use the original short bearing without bearing block or with bearing block with the longer type bearings...
Added belt support (printed one, canbe ordered here) holes...
Was great working together with this company about the design

I ordered one to see how it works.
I will report back 2-3 weeks about.
It is delivered from Ukraine, seller is OK.

Here is the link for interest:

I hope will be a great update (i hate the stock versions)!

Posted: October 19, 2017
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