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Wanhao i3 6mm Y carriage

by Sep 29

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6mm thick Y carriage plate from Technologika.net6mm thick Y carriage plate from

6mm thick Y carriage plate from

Includes a lot of pre-drilled holes for different mounting options
Comparison with the originalComparison with the original

Comparison with the original

Unfortunately the holes are wrong size - they should be 4mm not 3mm, so I had to drill them out. This material when drilled, has a lot of burr which is a bit annoying.


The original M4 screws are too short - 10mm needed. Re-used the original bearing blocks but fitted Igus Drylin, but really I should have just used cable ties to mount them directly on the plate without the bearing blocks. A problem is the bed levelling screws a bit too short now. They should be 30mm long (from stock 25mm) really otherwise there isn't enough room for comfortable adjustment. Adjustable Z end stop mod required. Just tested it all corners have pretty much the same amount of spring tension after levelling, so it seems to be doing its job.

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  • D CraddockD CraddockApril 1, 201719:22#

    Delivered to the UK in 7 Days.

    It really is a drop in replacement. DId not remove bearings from Y rails just lined up and bolted into place. The above post is correct in that the original screws are short but they did reach in my case.. I think Techno Logika should really include the replacement M4 screws or provide an option to purchase with the carriage.

    What did came as a surprise is how badly twisted the original Wanhao carriage is. It is everything but flat.

    My final thoughts. Worth every penny for a super easy to fit, ultra light, flat Y carriage. Leveling is know a simply process.


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