Control Box MKS TFT35

box for your DIY project, controll panel, cnc box, MKS TFT35 v1.0
Control Box  MKS TFT35


Control Box Constructor for MKS TFT35

This constructor designed for assembly control unit of different devices - small cnc, 3d printer and other.

Because of the size it will fit in Power Supply 8a, screen , control board arduino or other small boards.

-  On the front cover there is a marking for symmetric drilling of holes, or cut-out for the button

-  Front panel for Display MKS TFT35

- The back cover is for the output of wires and contacts.
- The back cover is removed separately.  On the back cover there is a marking for symmetric drilling of holes.

Included in the price:
- box only Box only, also Screw and Nut kit for building the control box

This box was made  for you DIY project  

- the material has a thickness of 3mm
- the material is fireproof
- it has a protection against electrical noise, you can ground the frame parts
- does not crack
- does not transmit noise 
- you can drill and milled the material

Material: Aluminium composit panel 3mm (not 100% aluminum)
Support: Display MKS TFT35 v1.0, 
280mm x 152mm x 110 mm
Advantages and disadvantages It's not affected by humidity, easy to manual processing (can be drilled),
It does not deform at the temperature of 100 degrees (the upper aluminum layer)
This manufacturing in CNC machine: No black burnt edges, no pungent smell, does not stink
Product Weight/ Parsel Weight
600 gram / up to 1000 gram

We reserve the right to make changes, which do not degrade properties and the type of product, size and appearance.

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999 g
  • Control Box  MKS TFT35
  • Control Box  MKS TFT35
  • Control Box  MKS TFT35
  • Control Box  MKS TFT35
  • Control Box  MKS TFT35
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