Heated Bed MK2a, MK2b

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Heating table, Heated Bed MK2a, MK2b PCB Heated Bed MK2a PCB for 3D printer RepRap Mendel, Prusa, Orka, Huxley etc. Print ABS plastic. Heating board is able to heat up 100°C about 5-6 minutes.

For a table requires power 12В/10А, will approach ATX power supply.

The size of the printable area: 200х200 мм

Heating table, Heated Bed MK2b PCB Dual Power:

LEDs and resistors are already soldered on the board. (LED color: white)

  • 1 pcs - MK2a Heatbed PCB
  • 1 pcs - thermistor 100k
Вес 170 g

Categories: Electronics for 3D printer

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