Full printed part for Prusa Rework #1

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Full printed part for Prusa Rework #1

Not found the desired part? Order our 3D printing! This!

Included in the price:
A - X_Carriage
B - X_end_idler1_V2
C - X_end_motor_2
D - Y_Corner_v3
E - Y_Motor_V2
F - Extruder
G - Y-Idler_V1.5_avec_support
H - Extruder_idler
I - Extruder_fan_support
J - Y_Belt_Holder
K - X-Stretcher
L - Arduino_spacer
M1 - Z_Top_Left_V2.0_fixed
M2 - Z_Top_right_V2.0_fixed
N1 - Z_Bottom_Left_V2
N2 - Z_bottom_right_V2


Material: ABS

We reserve the right to make changes. Which do not degrade properties and the type of product, size and appearance.

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