co-PET Filament for 3D printer FDM

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co-PET Filament for 3D printer FDM

Polyethylene terephthalate (Co-PET) - copolymer is obtained by introducing into the base polymer (PET) 1,4-bis hydroxymethyl cyclohexane (CHDM). It is an amorphous material with a smooth glossy surface, characterized by high transparency and uniform light scattering, fire resistant, the lack of a part of harmful components, increased impact resistance, chemical resistance. Its easy termoformirovat. Only a transparent plastic that can be deformed in a cold state without cracking.

coPET - fully transparent, amorphous polymer material for 3D printing by FDM technology. coPET also called "bottle" as it is used for the production of bottles for carbonated beverages and Vod. Using coPET in FDM 3D printing due to its simplicity and convenient to work with it.

Recommended print settings for co-PET:

Extruder temperature, ° C 230-240
Heat Bed temperature, ° C60-80°C
A rinsingneeded
Print speed30-70 mm / s
Advantages co-PET:
  • The glossy surface;
  • The possibility of obtaining a translucent monofilament;
  • high cohesion between the layers;prior to printing, drying for maximum strength products;
  • strength superior to ABS;
  • suitable for printing and technical purposes;
  • delaminiruyutsya products and not come off of the platform in the printing process;
  • operating temperature of products of -40 to + 70 ° CIt has durability;
  • not be exposed to moisture (printed product);
  • It has no toxic effect in the operation of the finished product;
  • It bent in cold state without whitening bending space;
Available colors co-PET:
  • Natural co-PET Filament Color
  • White co-PET Filament Color
  • Black co-PET Filament Color
  • Yellow co-PET Filament Color
  • Orange co-PET Filament Color
  • Red co-PET Filament Color
  • Green co-PET Filament Color
  • Blue co-PET Filament Color
  • Purple co-PET Filament Color
  • Metallic co-PET ABS Filament Color
  • Pink co-PET Filament Color
  • Light Green co-PET Filament Color
  • Brown co-PET Filament Color
  • Light Cyan co-PET Filament Color
  • Gold co-PET Filament Color
Delivery packaging co-pet:All coils with supplies packed in a sealed package polyamide, the ability to keep it dry for a long time. To control the moisture content in the material, store the material in the bag with desiccant.
Our ABS filament is packaged in hermetic packs and a cardboard box to prevent deformation of the coil.

Delivery Cost:filament 0.5kg + coil + box ≈ 15$
filament 0.75kg+ coil + box ≈ 15$
filament 2.5kg+ coil + box ≈ 31$
quantity on the reel (kg) 0.5, 0.75, 2.5
Filament Color1 Black
Metallic Silver
Diameter (mm) 1.75 mm, 3 mm
Ovality(mm) +/-0,03
Melting point(°С) 200
Density(kg\m2) 1270
Line Array 1 meter = 330
Printing Technology FDM
Delivery Slovak posta to EU (with track number) about 11$

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